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Friday, February 3, 2017

Good Fund Stands with Immigrants, Refugees, & Muslim People

Capital Good Fund’s Statement on the President’s Executive Order
Regarding Immigrants & Refugees |  2/3/2017

At Capital Good Fund we firmly believe that all those in need, regardless of religion, sexuality, ethnicity, gender identity, or legal status, have a fundamental human right to dignity, hope, and opportunity. And that is why we are appalled by the President’s Executive Order banning certain refugees from entering this country and restricting travel for some visa holders and legal permanent residents of the United States.

History has shown time and again that trafficking in fear, hate, deception, and scapegoating of the vulnerable can lead down a slippery slope to fascism and genocide. Today we add our voice to those choosing love over fear. We choose to affirm an America embodied by the Statue of Liberty and her timeless refrain: “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free...”

As a public charity we cherish our role in serving all who come to our door. Our community is Muslim, undocumented, Christian, LGBTQ, Jewish, disabled, atheist, African American, Buddhist, and Native American. We take pride in our efforts to create pathways out of poverty and into prosperity for all. We are proudly headquartered in the sanctuary city of Providence, Rhode Island, but our reach extends to the people of Delaware and Florida. Over time, we hope to serve vulnerable populations nationwide.

In these uncertain times, we vow to tear down walls with love, replace bans with open arms, and support all who feel threatened by a minority that seeks to dangerously wield its power. We stand alongside the masses who already are mobilized in the airports, the streets, and the halls of Congress to preserve the American values of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Our diversity is our greatest strength.


Andrew V. Posner, Chief Executive Officer
Randall P. Rice, Chairman of the Board
Libby Kimzey, Chief Operating Officer
Allison Barinas, Client Services Officer
Anim Yeboah, Web Development Officer
Chadria Major-Thomas, Director of Loan Origination
Charles Frumerie, Director of Communications
Diane Costa, Human Resources Officer
Elijah Peterson, Senior Development Officer
Heiry Bulux, Loan Officer
Joyce Braboy, Accounting Manager
Laura Y. Rijo, Director of Loan Servicing
Muna Idriss, Director of Systems
Sarah Laird, Development Officer
Simon Lichter, Market Research Officer
Vannessa Ramirez, Loan Officer

If you prefer, you can download a PDF of this statement here.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

An Open Letter to the President-elect

An Open Letter to the President-elect | November 17, 2016

President-elect Trump,

As a tax-exempt public charity, we at Capital Good Fund have for seven years worked to provide equitable financial services that create pathways out of poverty. And while we have occasionally weighed in on public policy, we have stayed out of politics.

Your election to President of the United States of America forces us to speak up. We cannot ignore that during your campaign you insulted, marginalized, and threatened many of those we serve—immigrants, people of color, gays and lesbians, women, Muslims, the disabled. You promised to deport millions of people, disparaged and objectified women, and spoke of jailing your political opponents and infringing on the freedoms we hold dear.

Capital Good Fund stands with, and will continue to serve, those who now fear for their safety and prosperity. We oppose racism, bigotry, misogyny, and xenophobia in all their forms. Our organization will vigorously speak out against polices that threaten the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. And we will not be silent; as Dr. Martin Luther King wrote, “There comes a time when silence becomes betrayal.” That time is now.

We take this opportunity to elevate the voices of those across the country who are joining us in resistance to hatred:
  • Like the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund, we call upon you to revise and rethink your immigration policy proposals. Mass deportations of hardworking immigrants would violate the civil rights of citizens and non-citizens alike, be an economic disaster, and tear apart families and communities;
  • Like the Council on American-Islamic Relations, we are deeply concerned by the increase in anti-Muslim rhetoric and violence. It is time for you to make it clear to the nation that Islamophobia is anti-American;
  • Like the Southern Poverty Law Center, we demand that you unequivocally condemn white nationalism and neo-Nazism, and reject the figureheads of such movements: those individuals have no place in the White House—the “People’s House”;
  • And like the American Civil Liberties Union, we want you to know that efforts to reverse decades of progress on civil rights will be met with opposition in the courts and peaceful protests in the streets.
We hope to work with you toward a more just, peaceful, and prosperous nation for all.



Andy Posner
Founder & CEO
Capital Good Fund

If you prefer, you can download a PDF of this letter here.