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Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Marketplace of Ideas

There is a marketplace of ideas, one in which the winners shape public policy, make funding decisions and launch programs that affect the lives of millions.  Not only that, but the more time I spend in this marketplace, the more I see that the ideas that spread do so because of the money and power behind them.  The consequences of this dynamic are profound: global warming deniers, deficit hawks and pugilistic lovers of war continue to drive the direction of this country.

In short, if we are to better the world, if we are to overcome injustice, we must ensure that good, just and righteous ideas spread.  But doing so is easier said than done.  If I had a million dollar budget, I could run a robust advertising campaign online, in print, radio, tv.  And If you don't think a large advertising budget matters, remember that the first Gulf War started with an ad campaign, John Kerry's 2004 presidential bid failed, in part, because of the Swiftboat ad campaign, and on and on and on.