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Monday, March 12, 2012

Seeking a Special Projects Coordinator

Capital Good Fund (CGF) and Broadband Rhode Island (BBRI) recently signed a contract to pilot an innovative program through which we partner with underperforming elementary and middle schools to provide the parents with the following services: loans for computers and Internet service, digital literacy training and financial coaching. 
The Special Projects Coordinator will manage the statewide program by developing partnerships with elementary and middle schools, the Rhode Island Department of Education, Internet providers and other community partners.  He or she will also administer surveys, track outcomes, develop and refine the package of services offered to parents, market the program, and work with the Executive Director to fundraise specifically for it.  This program is unique in that in addition to financial benefits for the parents, it will have educational outcomes in terms of increased parent engagement and better learning for the kids.  The goal is to partner with at 10 schools during the Special Project Coordinator’s year of service and to evaluate the results in order to create a truly replicable program. 

In addition to the TECH Project, the Special Projects Coordinator will work on at least one additional project.  This could range from starting a free workshop series to developing a new project of his or her own.  We are constantly looking for ways to improve and expand and special projects are an important part of CGF.

Job Description/Responsibilities:
-       Manage all aspects of the TECH Project
-       Market the TECH Project to the community, schools and funders
-       Build partnerships with Rhode Island schools
-       Conduct data collection, analysis and reporting
-       Refine the TECH Project model
-       Manage at least one other special initiative, such as free credit workshops
-       Report to and work with the Executive Director

Required Skills
The Special Projects Coordinator for the Capital Good Fund must:
-       Have a Bachelor’s degree
-       Possess excellent communication skills
-       Be able to empathize with people of different backgrounds
-       Thrive in a start-up environment and learn quickly.
-       Be extremely outgoing, passionate about ending poverty, eager to work hard and change lives, etc.
-       Be able to work independently

Preferred Skills
-       Experience working with kids
-       An understanding of credit scores/histories
-       Experience working in low-income/distressed communities
-       Speaks a foreign language

(Note: CGF provides training to new hires)

The Special Projects Coordinator will be tasked with rolling out the TECH Project model in 10 schools during the year of his or her service, while also maintaining and building on the relationships at the three pilot schools. Accomplishing this will require an ability to become deeply embedded in the communities that CGF serves.

The Special Projects Coordinator forms an integral part of the CGF team and acts as a bridge between the organizations with which we partner and the infrastructure we are developing to serve them. He or she must be comfortable working in the lowest income neighborhoods in Rhode Island, while also possessing the ability to think about systems, processes and scale.

Training and Compensation
The Special Project Coordinator will receive extensive training on all of CGF’s systems and loans. Additionally, he or she will be introduced to all relevant community partners and schools.

CGF provides all employees with a cell phone, bus pass, and, if needed, a subsidy towards the purchase of a laptop or iPad.  This position is through Americorps VISTA.  Please visit the Corporation for National Service’s website for more information on the VISTA program, compensation, benefits, etc.

If interested, please email your resume to Kate Lyons, Director of Operations, at