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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Social Media Lessons From A CGF Rookie

Guest Writer, Ashley Lynch

In my experience there tends to be a lot of built up anticipation when starting a new job. You barely know anyone and hardly know what to expect. The mind starts to stir up questions like, “Will I be liked?” “With whom will I eat lunch?” “How on Earth will I remember all these names?” Fact is, being the new kid on the block can be tough.

Boosting CGF’s social media is one my primary fields of interest. In my beginning weeks, I began to expand our social media platforms to sites like Instagram, Pinterest, and StumbleUpon. You might start to wonder, “What does Instagram have to do with the mission of a nonprofit?” Well, it is important to get the word out there. The more information about us we put on the web, the more likely we are to be seen. Posting pictures about what people are doing around the office, or what kind of decorations are displayed, might seem silly, but they catch people’s attention and add a personalized touch to our organization.

Fortunately my transition into the role of Marketing Officer at Capital Good Fund was smooth. On my first day I was taken out for lunch. I met pretty much the entire staff and found everyone to be friendly and welcoming. Setting up accounts and learning new technology took up a lot of time at first, but after the first week I was able to jump right into productive tasks. 

After all, how can people get involved with us if they don’t know about our work? Sharing the stories of the family in need of a loan to keep the lights on, or the survivor of the domestic violence in search of a loan to move into a safe apartment, serves to galvanize our supporters. These stories are why I chose to come work for CGF. I love that everyday I am granted the opportunity to be a part of the cause to end poverty.

So yeah, social media is a great marketing tool to network with donors, clients and other supporters. It’s free, manageable, and, if done right, guaranteed to bring results. In conclusion, my next post is dedicated to the man or woman out there trying to put food on the table for their children, and the person trying to fix their expensive car repair, so they don’t get fired from not being able to arrive at work on time, and lastly, to the everyday hard-working American who is just trying to get by and make ends meet. As the new Marketing Officer at Capital Good Fund, I promise to not only promote our wonderful services, but to spread the word to the rest of the at CGF, there is hope!

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